In Memoriam: Pouneh Bahri

A year ago a terrible tragedy happened to a very special person, Pouneh Bahri.  After enduring the hardship and tragedy of Rasmussen’s encephalitis, and then striving to find her own way in life, she was accidentally killed in a bus accident.  Pouneh had a hemispherectomy at the age of three and by all accounts she was thriving and enjoying life. This accident was especially sad after the family fought so courageously for their daughter’s life and had successfully navigated the difficult and arduous travails of post-hemispherectomy life.

“Pouneh gave of herself with an open heart. She possessed an outer and inner beauty that radiated and spilled over to embrace us all,” said her mom, Azi Bahri a year ago. “My dear Pouneh’s memory is forever imprinted in the hearts of all those lives she touched, and our world is a better place for having had her.  She was my teacher. She was my inspiration. She was my heart. She was my best friend. She was my daughter and so much more.”

Now a year after the accident, the family is honoring their daughter in a celebration of  life on Sunday, March 8th at the National Funeral Home located in Falls Church, Virginia at 12 pm.  The family is expecting a large, local turnout and has graciously asked that everyone celebrate Pouneh’s life by making a donation to the RE Children’s Project.  I have been in touch with Mom and their family friends and their desire to find a cure for RE is so heartfelt and genuine.  They miss their daughter’s brilliance and love of life, and feel that donating to the cause will honor Pouneh’s too short, but meaningful life.

We are so grateful to the Bahri family for recognizing the efforts of the RE Children’s Project to advance medical research into RE.  Their thoughtfulness during this especially difficult time of this first anniversary is truly special and touching. Please remember Pouneh and make a donation in her name to the RE Children’s Project.  We will soon be posting a flyer that will provide additional details. Thank you for your continued support, thank you to the Bahri family and to their local community in Centreville, Virginia.

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